Ferramentas necessárias para a realização dos exercícios dos níveis 1, 2 e 3.

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GrADS Software



The basic software tools used by AGCM are C and Fortran Compilers (to compile the Expert Users Version), MPI library (to execute the Expert Users Version), GRADS (to visualize output fields) and Grib2 (to convert input data format when changing initial date). Follow the instructions bellow for each case.

C and Fortran Compilers

AGCM is coded in C and Fortran. Due to compatibility, both compilers should be part of the same compiler family. The AGCM development group had successfully used the following compiler sets:

Gnu C Compiler (gcc) and Gnu Fortran Compiler (gfortran);
Intel C and Fortran Compilers (icc/ifort): (Free for non-commercial use)
MPI Library

MPI is required for AGCM parallel execution. It is central that AGCM source code and the MPI Library be compiled with the same compiler set. A well known Open Source MPI libary is OpenMPI.


Install Grads to visualize post-processed output data files. Directions for download Grads are available at Grads.

After installing Grads, set the required environment variables as required by Grads documentation.

We recommend the installation of additional Grads script files at the "libraries" sub-directory of Grads, to enhance visualization of model output files. The additional scripts are available here for download. Use "tar -xzvf libraries.tgz" to unpack the downloaded tarball.


Grib2 is a data format used by some AGCM files. To visualize these files at Grads, wgrib2 executable should be available at Grads "bin" directory.
Download wgrib2. Once downloaded, unzip the package, compile Grib2 and copy the executable file wgrib2 to the Grads "bin" directory.